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General Information

Century Series (any unit with fresh tank above floor): Turn off fresh water pump. Open drain valve between the fresh tank and the water pump. Open fresh tank cap to vent. Water will drain under the unit.

Denali Series (any unit with in-floor fresh tank): Open drain valve between fresh water pump and the rest of the unit (it is inside to the left of the mechanical room door and is marked “drain”). Open fresh tank cap to vent. Turn on the fresh water pump and it will pump the fresh tank out and drain it under the unit.

All of our waste tanks are fitted with a 3” gate valve for easy pumping by a pumper truck. To avoid confusion, please advise the pumper that your unit has the male 3” gate when calling so they can bring the correct adaptor.

All of our units come equipped with a LED tank monitor in the mechanical room.

Our units and tanks are not designed to be transported with waste in the tanks. The tanks must be emptied prior to movement.

All of the units utilize RV style power cords and city water inlets. Best scenario is a dedicated 20 amp recept and a water spigot with garden hose. Generators can be used as well as well water or the fresh tank.