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Flagstaff Camping Trailers

MAC Series

MAXIMIZING YOUR INVESTMENT FOR THE LONG HAUL. Elevate your camping experience with the unmatched quality of the MAC series line, enhanced by a host of additional features. Imagine the comfort of a Create-a-Breeze fan for optimal ventilation, the convenience of a power roof lift, an outdoor grill for culinary adventures, four stabilizer jacks for stability, and the warm embrace of brilliant LED awning lights that gracefully guide you back to your camper as the sun sets. Embrace the luxurious side of camping with your Flagstaff tent camper, where 'roughing it' becomes a thing of the past.

Limited Series

READY TO UPGRADE FROM GROUND SLEEPING? If you're seeking respite from restless nights on unforgiving terrain and are ready to say goodbye to your faithful family tent, cast your gaze upon the Flagstaff LTD Tent Camper. While it revels in simplicity, it steadfastly upholds a commitment to superior craftsmanship and construction. As the cornerstone of our entry-level tent camper range, the LTD boasts a limited lifetime warranty on the lift system and a generous 5-year warranty for the tent material. Let's not overlook the standard heated mattresses for you and your cozy companions to enjoy brisk autumn evenings in ultimate comfort.

High Wall Series

ELEVATING CAMPING TO UNPARALLELED COMFORT. Our innovation shines through in the thoughtfully crafted High Wall series, catering to aficionados of lavish travel trailers while preserving the ease of a tent camper. These high walls ensure convenient storage and effortless towing. Indulge in a variety of awesome amenities like a more spacious refrigerator, a standard oven, a microwave, expanded counter space, and enhanced Dexter torsion axles – luxuries that remain elusive in typical tent campers of standard dimensions.

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2024 Flagstaff Tent Floorplans

2024 Flagstaff Tent Features & Options

* Due to the current environment, our features and options are subject to change due to material availability.

    MAC Standard Features
    • Gray Exterior
    • Autumn Wood Interior
    • Wood Plank Flooring
    • 12V Electric Water Pump
    • Hot Water Package (All models)
    • Antifreeze Inlet Bypass
    • Permanently Mounted 3-Burner Range w/ Cover
    • Residential Style Cabinet Doors & Drawers w/ Metal Glides
    • USB Charging Ports
    • Roof A/C Bracing
    • 30 AMP detachable Power Cord
    • Storage Net Over Bunks
    • Leaf-Spring Axles
    • Easy Lube Axles
    • Electric Brake
    • 13" Radial Tires
    • Aluminum Wheel
    • Double Battery Box & Wiring Kit
    • 4 Stabilizer Jacks w/ Sand Pads
    • Solar Panel Prep On Frame
    • LED Ceiling Lights
    • Patio Light
    • 110V Exterior Outlet
    • Single Entry Step
    • One Piece Screen Door
    • Large Entry Door Folding Grab Handle
    • 85" Wide Body w/ 80" Beds
    • 4" Cushions & Covers
    • TV outlet w/ Cable & Satellite
    • Vinolon Supreme Tenting
    • Overhead Kitchen Cabinet
    • 2-20# LP Bottles w/ Cover
    • Takes 2" Ball
    • 35 AMP converter
    MAC Outdoor Package
    • Create-A-Breeze Roof Vent Fan
    • 20K BTU Furnace
    • Heated Mattress Bunk Ends
    • Awning w/ LED Lighting
    • Spare Tire w/ Carrier & Cover
    • Nitrogen Filled Tires
    • CO Detector
    • Outside Griddle
    • Power Roof Lift
    • 1.7 CU - 12V Refrigerator w/ 100W Roof Solar Panel
    • Water Filter Supplied
    MAC Options
    • A/C Wiring Kit
    • Shower/Cassette Pack (Only on 228D)
    • 40 Amp Portable Solar Panel
    • 15,000 BTU Low Profile Roof Air
    Limited Standard Features
    • Gray Exterior
    • Autumn Wood Interior
    • Wood Look Flooring
    • Electric Water Pump
    • Antifreeze Inlet Bypass
    • 20K BTU Furnace
    • Residential Style Cabinet Doors
    • Wood Drawers w/ Full Extension Metal Guides
    • One Piece Screen Door
    • Flip Down Galley w/ Storage
    • 25 AMP Converter w/ Built In Battery Charger
    • Roof Vent
    • Privacy Curtains
    • 2 Rear Stabilizer Jacks w/ Sand Pads
    • Quilted Top Bed Mattress
    • 12" Radial Tires
    • 20 lb. LP Bottle
    • Patio Light (Std Only On: 260LTD)
    • Leaf Spring Axles
    • Electric Brakes
    • Takes 2" Ball
    • 1.7 CU - 12V Refrigerator w/ 100 W Solar Panel
    Limited Package
    • Battery Box & Wire
    • Awning
    • Step
    • Heated Mattress on Bunk Ends
    • CO Detector
    • Inside/Outside Two-Burner Stove
    • Spare Tire w/ Carrier & Cover
    • Interior LED Lights
    • Solar Prep On Frame
    • Nitrogen Filled Tires
    • Exterior Recep (206LTD only)
    • Power Lift System
    Limited Options
    • LP Bottle Cover
    • 2-20# LP Bottles w/ Covers
    • 20K BTU Furnace (forced)
    • Outside Griddle
    • 40 Amp Portable Solar Panel
    • 15000 BTU Low Profile Roof Air
    High Wall Standard Features
    • Autumn Wood Interior
    • Torsion EZ Lube Axles
    • Raised Panel Cabinet Doors
    • 4 Stabilizer Jacks with Sand Pads
    • 1 Piece Floor
    • 1- Bunk Light
    • 1- Bunk/Fan light
    • Wood Drawers with Full Extension Drawer Guides
    • Positive Latches & Catches on Door & Drawers
    • 14" Radial Tires
    • 12 Volt Water Pump
    • Double Battery Box & Wiring
    • Large Entry Door Grab Handle
    • 30 Amp Detachable Power Cord
    • Solar Prep On Frame
    • Electric Brakes
    • LED Ceiling Lights
    • Outside Griddle
    • 80" Beds
    • Vinylon Supreme Tenting
    • Privacy Curtains w/ Valances
    • Hot Water pkg w/ Outside Shower
    • Cable TV Ready
    • Oven
    • Microwave
    • Automatic Gas Regulator
    • Double 20# Gas Bottles w/ Molded Cover
    • Shower/Cassette Toilet
    • 35 Amp Converter
    • Monitor Panel
    • Storage Nets On Both Bunks
    • Hanging Wardrobe
    • Hanging Pantry
    • Takes 2" Ball
    • Clay Fiberglass w/ Alloy Band Exterior
    High Wall Package
    • Create-A-Breeze Roof Vent Fan
    • 20K BTU Furnace
    • Heated Mattress on Bunk Ends
    • Awning w/ LED Lighting
    • Power Roof Lift
    • Spare Tire w/ Carrier & Cover
    • Aluminum Wheels
    • Bluetooth Stereo w/ Outside Speakers
    • CO Detector
    • 12V Refridgerator
    • Water Filter Supplied
    High Wall Options
    • A/C Wiring Kit
    • 15,000 BTU A/C - Low Profile (a/c wiring kit included)
    • Power Front Jack
    • 40 Amp Portable Solar Panel

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